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Marilyn B. | Chapin, South Carolina

January 16 2018 Bark busters rating

Very happy with the solution offered for the happiness of both the guard dogs and the owners. Clear and concise methods to both correct behaviors and reward positive behaviors.

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Debby P. | Chapin, South Carolina

January 15 2018 Bark busters rating

The session has been very fun and informative. I look forward to putting it all into action in the weeks ahead.

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Terry A. | Lexington, South Carolina

December 8 2017 Bark busters rating

The techniques were easy to follow and I saw noticeable results by the end of the session. Leash training is going to be great now. I was very pleased with the methods and learned a lot. I would highly recommend Bruce.

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James F. | Elgin, South Carolina

November 14 2017 Bark busters rating

We have 13 week old puppy and got some good training today on basic techniques so that she becomes a well behaved dog.

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Karen D. | Chapin, South Carolina

November 9 2017 Bark busters rating

Great training advise. We learned what to do inside and outside the house. By the end of the lesson, he wasn't pulling on the leash. We need to reinforce this for the next 6 weeks so he doesn't go back to the old habits. Bruce has great interaction with him.

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Chris M. | Irmo, South Carolina

October 17 2017 Bark busters rating

Incredibly responsive, heard back from them in 3 hours. We worked on obedience and were able to get them to properly greet people at the front door. Look forward to working with them.

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Sarah K. | Lexington, South Carolina

October 13 2017 Bark busters rating

We are so thrilled with Chase's progress. All behavioral issues including separation anxiety are greatly improved. I would strongly recommend Bruce.

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Elizabeth H. | Columbia, South Carolina

October 13 2017 Bark busters rating

Bruno was driving us crazy with his bad behavior. We thought we may have to re-home him. We noticed significant with Bruno on our first visit with Bruce. It has been a wonderful experience and look forward to working with Bruce.

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Trevor H. | Lexington, South Carolina

January 22 2017 Bark busters rating

Our dog experienced results immediately. Easy program to use.

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Elizabeth N. | Columbia, South Carolina

January 16 2017 Bark busters rating

As a veterinarian I have a lot of experience with dogs. I learned many new techniques and communication styles.Training techniques are easy to follow and understand. Noticeable results almost immediately. Front door control established within several minutes. The techniques are gentle and natural. I would highly recommend Bruce to my friends and neighbors. I really enjoyed our session and can't wait to practice the new techniques.

Dr. Elizabeth, DVM

Dutch Fork Animal Hospital

Columbia, SC

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Sara R. | Wagener, South Carolina

January 3 2017 Bark busters rating

My husband is sick and we were about to start 24 hour nursing assistance but my three amigos would attack the door and try to bite anyone who tried to enter. Their behavior had gotten worse as my husband continued to decline. Having 3 dogs one feeds off the others behavior. Bruce made a huge difference after the first visit. I have had nursing in the home for about 8 weeks. The dogs have settled into the routine but are still very protective of my husband. So we are still a work in progress. But it would have not been possible to have nursing in the home without Bruce"s help.

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Marriane H. | West Columbia, South Carolina

November 10 2016 Bark busters rating

I was very pleased to see how easy it is to train my dog.

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Jim L. | Columbia, South Carolina

November 1 2016 Bark busters rating

Answered all of our questions regarding puppy training with good explanations and demonstrations. Very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Bark Busters.

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Sue L. | Lexington, South Carolina

October 6 2016 Bark busters rating

Saw results with Bruce on the first visit. Very helpful.

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Sharon B. | Columbia, South Carolina

October 4 2016 Bark busters rating

Our dog was completely out of control with us and with our kids. We had just about given up hope when we called Bruce. He was very patient with us and with Chase. We noticed significant behavior changes during the first session. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone needing help with their dogs.

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Sandra S. | Columbia, South Carolina

October 4 2016 Bark busters rating

Bruce was great with Penny. We noticed a change in her wild behavior right away. Bruce is great to work with and we look forward to getting Penny to be a great dog. We highly recommend Bark Busters.

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Alyssa S. | Columbia, South Carolina

September 13 2016 Bark busters rating

I first worked with Bruce in 2007 to help with dominance issues with our puppy. Nine years later, I asked Bruce to come back and work on barking and separation anxiety issues. I saw results immediately. I would highly recommend Bruce.

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Corrine B. | Lexington, South Carolina

August 22 2016 Bark busters rating

Bruce has worked with us a few times with our 3yr old German Shepherd that we rescued last year (when she was 2) and we an uphill battle with her after she had been in different shelters for a few months. He has been spot on with her behavior and how we need to modify our actions to get the corrected responses from Lana. We really enjoy working with him! It's rewarding to see her behavior improve month after month as we work with her.

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Melissa P. | Columbia, South Carolina

August 20 2016 Bark busters rating

Bruce was wonderful with my German Shepherd puppy. I saw a big improvement in just the first session. He taught me how to work with her and control her behavior. I understand better how to communicate with her and how she communicates with me. I highly recommend Bruce with Bark Busters

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Doug S. | Chapin, South Carolina

July 3 2015 Bark busters rating

All behavioral issues explained and addressed completely and well. Very concise and user friendly. I highly recommend Bruce.

Dr Doug Smith, DVM

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Patrick R. | Columbia, South Carolina

October 3 2014 Bark busters rating

Simple techniques learned from Bruce, yet successful and easy to follow.

Katelyn P. | Columbia, South Carolina

May 21 2014 Bark busters rating

Very much pleased with the natural training methods.

Hunter L. | Columbia, South Carolina

March 7 2014 Bark busters rating

Great experience!

Rae M. | Columbia, South Carolina

February 5 2014 Bark busters rating

Bruce has really made the difference with our dog, Daisy. Thank you.

Dianne S. | Lexington, South Carolina

November 15 2013 Bark busters rating

I truly enjoy being trained by Bruce at Bark Busters. Dixie does too !!

Ryan G. | Lexington, South Carolina

July 18 2013 Bark busters rating

We are so thrilled with Panzer's progress. We would recommend Bruce to every dog owner. No more separation anxiety !!!

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Elizabeth A. | Columbia, South Carolina

June 28 2013 Bark busters rating

It has been a wonderful experience and Bruce has certainly saved us all !!

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Cora M. | Columbia, South Carolina

June 8 2013 Bark busters rating

this is the second time I have used Bark Busters. This time my husband needed the training. the results are wonderful.


Kelley K. | Lexington, South Carolina

May 17 2013 Bark busters rating

Calm learning techniques that are great for the entire family.

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Aleks K. | Columbia, South Carolina

January 21 2013 Bark busters rating

Bruce was great. Very helpful and informative.

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Simon | West Columbia

October 16 2012

Max had a history of aggression and Bark Busters training was his last chance. I honestly didn't think the training would work; however, I'm amazed at Max's behavior today and his responsiveness to the methods used. He isn't aggressive and I learned ways to alleviate future situations. I highly recommend Bark Busters.

Joanne R | West Columbia

October 16 2012

Wonderful help!! Without y'all, I probably would have gotten rid of Emma due to behavioral problems. Thanks!

Gina W | Columbia

October 16 2012

I highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking for behavior modification for their dog. Bruce is very friendly and knowledgeable and Pooh responded well with his training.

Cyndi S | Batesburg

October 16 2012

Before Bark Busters, I was ready to give Diamond away. But now, after our first visit, she is no longer jumping and biting. I was shocked to see such a difference so soon and I know it will only get better!

Shelley D | Irmo

October 16 2012

Very impressed with this method of training! We were very close to returning Carson to the rescue organization that we adopted him from. He was out of control! After Bark Busters, Carson is showing excellent response and submission.

Naomi P | Columbia

October 16 2012

Bruce was great! Very knowledgeable and courteous and great to work with. We saw a dramatic change in Eve with simple steps in minutes. We are so excited with her change. Thanks, Bark Busters!

Kris B | Columbia

October 16 2012

Flash showed instant improvement and he now sees we are leader of the pack. He learned to sit, stay, come and stopped bad behaviors in the first session. Both dogs are receptive to our leadership now and seem to get along much better - even with 4 cats in the house!

Melissa B | West Columbia

October 16 2012

Tucker had been having problems with aggression for some time. I watched his entire attitude change and a calm come over him I would not have believed could happen. I will recommend Bark Busters to everyone!

Delores R | West Columbia

October 16 2012

Bruce & Sue were extremely kind, caring and perfect in their techniques. They made me feel very comfortable with the learning process.

Julie & Robt H. | Lexington

October 16 2012

Very amazed and pleased. We were ready to find a new home for our nine-month-old adoption. Within the first session, the bad behavior had stopped! Bruce gave us great advice and taught us how to handle situations that may come up. He offered to return whenever any problems do arise. I highly recommend Bark Busters!

Lisa T | Lexington

October 16 2012

We didn't think our dog would be able to be helped at all. Sue & Bruce have reduced our anxiety. I thought we were going to have to put Chaos down and now we will be able to enjoy her as a lasting part of our family.

Julie S | Lexington

October 16 2012

This experience has been completely worthwhile. The trainers and the training could not have been better suited for our two dogs or for us. We highly recommend investing in Bark Busters. We were called back promptly -- from then on Bark Busters upheld the utmost professionalism; at the same time, we have made new friends. We would change nothing!

Joe & Laura S. | Irmo

October 16 2012

Daphney is a new dog! We are so impressed! Bruce and Sue are terrific and we would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much, Bark Busters!

Kathleen, W | Columbia

October 16 2012

This is such important training! Please tell potential adoptive families that adopted dogs most likely require special handling. Oscar came from a puppy mill where he spent his time breeding and caged. He was fearful and aggressive toward our 3-year-old son. We were at the point of making a choice: training or Oscar had to go back to the shelter. Sue went out of her way to help us. She was caring and empathetic. She worked with our entire family and checked on us frequently. She was there for any support we needed during Oscar's rehabilitation. Today, Oscar is happy & well adjusted. We can't imagine our family without him!

Leonard E. | Lexington

October 16 2012

My expectations at first were that no way was Jake going to respond to the training! But five minutes into the session, I could see a remarkable difference in Jake. I am grateful for the training and thankful for the results. I will tell all my dog owner friends about Bark Busters!

Shawn C. | Columbia

October 16 2012

Without Bruce, we would have had to have put Tuffy down -- his aggression issues had already resulted in a very badly injured cat. We already had the appointment with the vet and that was on the advice of other trainers. Bruce and Bark Busters have given us a chance to save a very important part of our family.

Lisa P. | Lexington

October 16 2012

I was totally amazed at my dog's behavior after the first five minutes of training! I found out my most docile dog was in fact the stubborn one and visa-versa with the dog I originally needed Bark Busters for. This has been an eye-opening and informative experience for myself as well as the dogs.

Cynthea C | Columbia

October 16 2012

We are amazed at the immediate results. All our dogs responded to the simple commands. Bruce & Sue presented the information in a clear, concise delivery. They are warm and easy to accept into our home.

Melanie S. | Columbia

October 16 2012

We are extremely pleased and amazed. Having a new puppy and a small dog, we were overwhelmed with how to train the puppy and keep our little dog from being aggressive. Now we have the tools and feel confident that with our leadership our dogs will remain calm and happy!

Michael & Sadie J | Columbia

October 16 2012

I could not believe how quickly my dogs responded to the Bark Busters program. It is wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone!

Ashley S. | Irmo

October 16 2012

I was amazed and in shock after what a few minutes did. Bruce and Suzanne were wonderful and immediately made me and Molly feel comfortable!

Alice Chiu | Lexington

October 15 2012

Luca, the six-pound Pomeranian, was aggressive; he would attack without warning or apparent cause. He also did not like to be groomed or touched in general. We were very upset and frustrated by his behavior. After several visits from Bark Busters and trying different techniques, Luca is a new dog. Sue and Bruce were both wonderful and eager to help. We are very satisfied with the follow up visits and the results. We will continue to work with him and in the meantime, we will recommend Bark Busters to others.

Robin Ebert | Columbia

October 15 2012

Hi Bruce!! I am so sorry this has taken me so long - I came back from Europe to a huge problem at work and am just now getting my head above water! KITA MADE IT TO EUROPE!! We drove to Atlanta so we could have a direct flight. I found a dog park to let her play there for a while before we went to the airport. I've attached the photo of what she did in the dog park an hour before we had to be at the airport - she found a mud pit about a foot deep and proceeded to bury herself in it. Lovely, right? Trevor cannot believe the difference in Kita. He says she is like a totally different dog than the dog he has known for the last 9 years. He has even threatened to take her to the vet to get blood work because he's convinced her drop in energy level cannot be this drastic! (She had blood work before she left and was fine) Kita no longer follows him everywhere, no longer nips at passersby, and no longer demands attention or sounds her 5:00 "walk me!" alarm. She still isn't crazy about the crate, but she has been successfully staying at home with no trying to escape. Trevor has even watched her via webcam from work, and he said all she does is lay around and sleep while he is at work. Sometimes she's even in the same spot as when he left earlier in the day. Kita also now allows strangers to come up to Trevor without barking or growling. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise. Kita seems so relaxed and happy. She now spends her time sniffing stuff, sleeping and looking for treats. She acts like a normal dog instead of one who is controlling and demanding. She actually behaves, and strangers have commented on how well behaved she is. While I was there, Kita happily rode on the subway, on a train, got in and out of taxis, and even rode on the escalator - all with no hesitation as long as she was with Trevor or I. You did a great job helping me out in such a short period of time. I can't thank you enough!!! I feel like the mom who's kid just went from being a regular in the principal's office to an honor student!

Susan Stokes | Columbia

November 25 2011

Excellent techniques and understanding of dog behavior.